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Will the recent way NBC has handled the travellers situation impact who you vote for in future council elections?

Yes I will vote for a different party / councillor than our current lot in Kidsgrove - 91.8%
No I will vote for the party / councillor who represent Kidsgrove now. - 8.2%

Travellers Return for 3rd Time to Birchenwood Carpark

Kidsgrove Travellers arrive at Maryhill owned LandIt has happened again! Travellers have returned to Birchenwood Car park in Kidsgrove for the 3rd time in a matter of months.

The travellers arrived on Sunday evening at around 7.30pm driving onto the car park and setting up home for what will realistically be the next week at least, give the speed at which Newcastle Borough Council acts over these issues. They will no doubt be served with the 24 hours notice to leave today, which will be ignored and the council will have to spend money applying for a court hearing to get a court order approved. This all costs money, just like the clear up process following their visit which comes direct from the pockets of the tax payer.

It is not being political when we ask questions of our council. Why are the same elected members allowing this to happen time after time, when installing a height restriction barrier could be effective in preventing entry? 

Update 30/07/14

Travellers have now been given until the 10th August to leave the site as a result of one being due to give birth and requiring a fixed address. This meant that the magistrate would grant the order for the 10th August at the earliest. The council are not commenting on how much it is / will cost to clean up the site or what they will do in the future to stop them getting access back onto the site.

It has also angered local residents how Newcastle Borough Council have been very quiet throughout this whole saga, something which should not be forgotten when going to the ballot box. One way to "hit" at the council is to fill in this form on elections requesting the Newcastle Borough Council retain the current 1/3 elections of the council, meaning your councillors can't get elected and then hide away for 4 years until election time.

It has also been suggested by some residents that their should be a mass protest in not paying council tax to Newcastle Borough Council. This is a strategy that could be successful IF done in numbers, however this is one to be organised by the world of social media no doubt.

Update 31/07/14 (Statement from Newcastle Borough Council and Staffordshire Police


Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council and Staffordshire Police are reassuring residents that all possible measures are being taken to minimise any problems caused by the travellers’ temporary encampment at Birchenwood Park, in Kidsgrove.


Earlier this week a judge at Stoke on Trent Court ruled that the earliest date the council can legally evict the travellers is Sunday 10 August. This is because one of the women on the site is due to have a Caesarean operation early next week and needs a permanent home for a short time after the birth.


In the meantime, council and police officers are carrying out various actions to make sure that the site is kept safe and clean and that disruption for local residents is kept to a minimum.


The travellers are currently complying with a code of conduct on the site and are bagging any rubbish for collection by the council. Environmental health officers have carried out regular welfare checks and basic cleansing exercises are keeping waste issues under control. There is no evidence of fly tipping and little evidence of litter.


Officers are currently working with the organisers of a planned Ladsanddads Football fund-raising event, due to take place at Birchenwood on 17 August to make sure that it can go ahead as planned.


The council can legally take back control of the site a week before the tournament and hopes that the football pitches will still be in good condition and useable. However, contingency plans are being put in place for an alternative venue, if that is not the case.


Cllr Mike Stubbs, Leader of the Council, said, “The council has acted as quickly as possible to evict the travellers with the powers available to us through the courts, but the law is the law and we will obviouslycomply with the judge’s ruling.


“In the meantime I can reassure residents that we are doing everything we can to make this situation manageable for all concerned.”


Chief Inspector Clare Riley, Newcastle Borough Local Policing Team Commander, said: "We're aware of the travellers at Birchenwood and we're working with colleagues from Newcastle Borough Council towards a solution.


"Officers are carrying out regular visits to the site and have also responded to residents’ concerns over anti-social behaviour involving off-road vehicles in the surrounding area. A number of Section 59 warnings have been issued which will allow us to seize any vehicles involved in further anti-social behaviour.

"We will continue to carry out regular patrols in the area as part of our ongoing summer holiday operation to tackle anti-social behaviour in any form.
"If you have any concerns, or to report an incident, please contact local officers on 101,"

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+1 #13 Peter Lascelles 2014-09-10 02:11
Council and police tossers
They are all toothless and scared
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0 #12 Saint 2014-08-10 13:13
So which member of our esteemed council is going to put his or her hand up and apologise to local residents and accept responsibility for allowing this ridiculous situation to occur on several occassions already this year, when a permanent solution should have been put in place after the first incident. I also expect resignations or sackings but failing that it is up to the people of Whitehill to consider carefully when the ballot boxes are next open.
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+1 #11 pam 2014-08-05 16:09
We should get all the local farmers together with their slurry trucks and give them all a good shower, not to mention fertilising the field at the same tine! That'll get rid of them quicker than any court order.
Quote | Report to administrator
+1 #10 stewart 2014-08-04 18:51
At least after the special visit from the council this morning to clean up the rubbish left on the car park that's now clean, bet you a tenner if you ask for a council worker to come to your house to collect rubbish the answer would be [email protected] off no money in the council budget for that...
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+1 #9 Matthew Woodward 2014-08-04 17:18
Why don't we just use the park as we would normally and get ALL the local football teams to play around the caravans, we've paid for that park - we might as well use it - and if the caravans get hit.who cares
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+2 #8 Daisychain 2014-07-31 23:09
Sorry, but what a load of B@!!@!!s. I have photographic evidence of fly tipping, NBC just cant be bothered to get into the trees and surrounding bushes, where they WILL find travellers rubbish and excrement along with the dirty tissues being blown around. Every morning and eve a van parks near the bushes on the smaller field and empties its contents, but I guess this is outside the office hours of NBC and will demand double time or else strike action in October!!!!!
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+3 #7 brenda 2014-07-31 18:19
the following has been put onto facebook and also the Kidsgrove web page.
major football event may have to be cancelled on Birchenwood playing fields due to GYPSY'S/TRAVELL ERS illegally parking on their grounds. They cant evict because someone is PREGNANT... what the bloody hell is wrong with this country. she got pregnant. non of them pay rates etc. the footballers pay for usage of these fields over the year to the local council. upto £7000 could be lost if their football tournament has to be cancelled. wake up council before the local residents take action
very disgruntled rate payer..
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+3 #6 stewart 2014-07-27 14:57
Don't worry everbody they will soon be gone once the council have spent more of our money getting court orders to evict them and once they have gone and the rubbish cleared you will only have to dodge the human faeces in the woods and on the grass on the other field and dirty toilet paper blowing in the wind
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+2 #5 local asking 2014-07-25 21:28
Does it now mater that they have move to the playing fields, and half a dozen more have now arrived?
As the eviction is for the car park and 12 caravans?
Why not inconvenience them by dropping something to stop them from getting off until it served and stop others from arriving, or can't that be done because of some stupid law?
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+2 #4 Lynn 2014-07-22 07:20
Unfortunately we locals are going to have to put up with these "gypsies" (I agree "SO CALLED") time and time again unless the council pull their fingers out .. Its the start of the school holidays and our poor kids cant play in the park and fields. About time something was done about it once and for all. Height restriction barriers are definitely called for. My granddaughter attempted to play in the park last time they were here and she and her friends were frightened off by the gypsy kids. Its not on.
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+4 #3 Bernadene Canning 2014-07-21 23:27
Why do they need a court order to arrest/remove these people?? If we parked there and slept in our car the police would soon have us arrested and moved on..
One law for law abiding people and one law for so called travellers????? ?
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+2 #2 Kev... 2014-07-21 19:03
I agree all will take is a height barrier .
I hope the football training will still be on for the kids tomorrow (tue night) or my boy will be heart broken again .
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+3 #1 tony 2014-07-21 11:48
The NC borough at the end of the day don't care and have more money then sense to let this go on. A simple height restriction barrier is all it takes to keep them off, I cant see why on earth they wont put one in. The mess they leave behind and nuisance they cause to the residents. No more dog walking or kids playing on the parks playground for 2 weeks. .I cant see why on earth they wont put one in. I myself use the field for walking my dog will go elsewhere again while the NC borough let this happen over and over again. Whitehill resident
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