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Will the recent way NBC has handled the travellers situation impact who you vote for in future council elections?

Yes I will vote for a different party / councillor than our current lot in Kidsgrove - 91.8%
No I will vote for the party / councillor who represent Kidsgrove now. - 8.2%

Kidsgrove Residents Unite

kidsgrove travellers leavingIt has not been a positive story in the history of Kidsgrove with the travellers setting up camp for the 3rd time on Birchenwood Fields. However, despite all of this last night was one of those times when the Kidsgrove community makes you immensely proud to come from the area. It demonstrated visually to any councillors who dared show their face how much public anger there was against their failings.

The court order to leave Birchenwood fields should have come into action at 7pm on Sunday evening, however this came and went with little sign of movement from the travellers. There were increasing crowds growing, with Kidsgrove residents descending on mass to “see off” the travellers from the site. Mount Road was becoming congested as cars lined both sides of the road and reports suggesting up to 400 people were waiting to see enforcement action taken.

However once again residents feared they were going to be left disappointed and the travellers scoring another “goal” against the Labour controlled Newcastle Borough Council. There was talk that the travellers were not leaving the site and the council would instead have to go back to court in the morning (today) to get an enforcement order.

The mood was very tense and not helped by the Policing, who many complained as being arrogant, abrupt and unhelpful. There were also comments made about how the Police can spend hours (they attended from 4pm onwards) in Kidsgrove, yet went people call them it can take days to respond.

Rumours started to fly around at 8.30pm that they would be leaving the site this evening, which again brought about an increase in the size of the crowd descending on Birchenwood. At 9.30pm there started to be some action with the first of the travellers starting to leave the site, this continued through until around 10.45pm. The reports suggested that some headed towards the A500 at Talke, whilst others were heading up Kidsgrove Bank, it is not known where they have gone now but it has been suggested they must be fairly local.

This morning the site is now clear with a concrete block in place preventing access to the right hand side of the car park. It is not clear yet if Kidsgrove Lad and Dads will be able to hold their football competition next weekend, as clearly the council will now set about clearing and cleaning the site. This cost will be another footed by the tax payer and no doubt the council will be reluctant to share this figure with the public. If the football tournament doesn’t take place, who will make up the suggested £7,000 loss in funds to the organisation?

It is clear residents feel let down by the Labour controlled council, of which the council leader Mike Stubbs is also a Kidsgrove Councillor. The political game is now starting to be played as BBC Radio Stoke was told this morning the soon to be installed barrier has been paid for from a Labour County Councillors fund, however given the mood we detect this could be too little, too late for some of our elected members.

It has been a great shame that it has taken something like this to unite the area and bring back interest in local issues, however let’s now hope that finally the council is starting to learn and the fields at Birchenwood can return to their usual state as a recreational ground.

There are some images from last night on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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+3 #4 anita 2014-08-11 22:07
Hmmmm we have just had around 50 caravans arrive at the football field on Newhall Road Normacot another football pitch ruined and rubbish left by people that pay nothing to the community they live in and expect other people to pay for the repairs needed after they leave....
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+3 #3 Whitehill resident 2014-08-11 17:27
They have moved fairly local they are now all pitched in congleton next to airbags international causing havoc. They are on a road parked on double yellow lines and show no signs of moving.
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+3 #2 Kidsgrove resident 2014-08-11 16:54
If you want to know how much it has cost the council / us (let's face it), write to them and ask quoting your freedom of information act. I would recommend the local football field users to do this, it would be fantastic ammunition to get some decent security on the site. I am sure once you have the figure and adding to this the loss of revenue for the football, the council would have no argument!!! Just a thought....
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+1 #1 Paul mallin 2014-08-11 14:15
Have the council thought about setting up a site where people can point out obvious sites that need securing so we can prevent the travellers settling in the first place.They only have to move one small boulder on birchenwood road opposite the skateboard park and they can set up again .The golf course could be next,Bathpool park carpark is another. Why don't the council meet the residents now to try to move forward and together we should all try to stop this happening again, or will we simply see the council knocking on our doors when they want our votes.
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